Writing a letter to the principal by requesting for half day LEAVE

This is the following letter, where I am requesting the Principal to give me half-day leave

Points to mention in the letter:-

Reasons for taking half-day leave?
It can be any

Going for a picnic

Going for a check-up of your parents

Going to appear in any exam
(only you know the specific and exact reason)


The Principal,

Y Area,

Z city

Subject (Requesting to give half days leave for appearing in the exam)


This is X of class 12th A  humbly requests to grant a half day leave tomorrow i.e on 25th April 2018.

I want to take my father for a check-up after 12 noon, and  as sincere and hard-working student, I feel there is no need for me to take full day leave.
Kindly, allow me leave from 11:30 am onwards.

I therefore request you to kindly grant me half days leave

I will be highly thankful to you

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

X Name

Your Signature and Date

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Writing a letter to the principal complaining against a student’s behavior

I am writing the following letter to the Principal complaining against a student’s behaviour

Here, it is important to mention

  • The name of the student whose behaviour is objectionable
  • Did you make efforts to solve the issue with yourself?
  • Since, he/she is also a student of the school, so what kind of step, do you wish your Principal, should actually be taking?

I have followed all these points beautifully and created an informative letter below.

The Headmaster,
XYZ School,
S.V Road , Mumbai
Subject (Complaining against a student’s behavior


I am X of Class 12th and I would like to bring to your kind notice, the unruly behavior of one of my class-mates namely Y.

I am really proud of the ethical and moral values, which the school has set in, as a benchmark for us to follow, but sadly his thinking and actions doesn’t match even an inch with the same.

He has been creating constant nuisance for me by misbehaving with me. He back-bite about me and when I try to take this issue with him, he expresses a cold response. It is hampering my studies as I am often in mental trauma.

The school has given loads of reasons to feel happy, thanks to you Princpal Ma’am as well as my teachers with whom, I have spent a quality time of my life , knowing so many things by becoming confident and learned to take on the world now.

I have a very optimistic approach towards challenges. Therefore, it is my humble request  to kindly take due cognisance.

I know as human-beings, we all make mistakes and I am sure he will soon be on right track. I really don’t want to take any step which may hamper his academic performance.

It will be great, if you enquire him by calling at the suitable time of your convenience, as soon as possible.

Thank You in advance,
Mr. X
Y Colony, Z City

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Mistakes in the “Introduction” of my reader – Check it out

My self “x”
I am Vizag
I studied b.tech in Giet college of engineering from rajhmundry
My strength is my friends
My weekness is more thinking in any situation

Mistake -1

Wrong- My self “x”
There are two mistakes
Always start with “I” when mentioning your name

I am “X”

Always write full name

Mistake – 2

Wrong – I am Vizag
I am from Vizag

When you mention a place, always use “from” before it

For ex.
I am from Hyderabad
I am from India

Mistake – 3
Wrong – My weekness is more thinking in any situation

Check spelling of weekness
It is “weakness”

You should say
My weakness is that, I think a lot

But, it is not complete answer:-
So, if you want me to tell you complete answer,
refer the below post here:-



Mistakes in the introduction of Shah – Find out with reasons

My student has written his introduction below

My name is Shah Samand Samandary i am fom Afghanistan i gratitude from university in 2011 after that i work in ministry Agriculture ,in 2017 by pas the examination of ICAR came to india for Msc in vegetable science now i sm live in Bangalore city


Now, I am rectifying your mistakes:-

1st sentence

Correct – My name is Shah Samand Samandary
Correct – I am from Afghanistan


2nd sentence

Wrong Spelling of graduate– I gratitude from university in 2011
You should say
I graduated from University in 2011



3rd sentence

Wrong – after that i work in ministry Agriculture

There are two mistakes here
The sentence should be in Past Tense
Put “ed” in “Work”
Also use “of” after ministry of Agriculture

We always say

Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Home
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Child and Women Empowerment


4th sentence:-

Wrong – In 2017 by pas the examination of ICAR came to india for Msc in vegetable science

There are three mistakes

Never say “by passing examination”
Always say “After passing examination”

Why you didn’t use any pronoun?
After ICAR, add “I”

Why you said “FOR MSC?
What do you mean by  it?
Categorically mention
For “DOING” Msc

So, the correct sentence will be
In 2017, after passing the examination of ICAR, I came to Bagalore for doing Msc in vegetable science .



5th sentence

(wrong) “i am live in Bangalore city ”

After I, if you are adding “am”, then the main verb (live) in this case, will have “ing”
or if there is no helping verb (am here), then the main verb won’t have “ing”
For example, you can say

I live in Bangalore   (correct)

I am living in Bangalore  (correct)

Never say “I am live “

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