Shocking Eng Grammar mistakes I was doing in 2018

Mistake – 1

The bird is sitting in the tree
The bird is sitting on the tree

bird while sitting in the tree, are always considered to be within the area and space,

Mistake – 2

The bird is sitting on the branch
The bird is sitting in the branch

Here, it is clear, that the bird is sitting “ON” the branch, so we will use ON

Mistake – 3
Is it grammatically correct to say ”she is honesty”?



Honesty (Adjective)

Honest (Noun)

You have to use NOUN



She is honest

Mistake – 4
Is the sentence “I would like to inform you that I will be on leave on this Thursday” correct to use?

Yes, correct, but it is not formal


It brings to your kind notice, that this Thursday , I will be on leave

Mistake – 5

Which is correct: ‘we are the same age’ or ‘ we have the same age’?

We have the same age
Here use of “Have” doesn’t denote a perfect tense
For ex.
I have a pen (It is a simple present tense)
In the same way,
We have the same age
We have same colored hair
We have the same body type
We have the same pen
We have the same skinny legs

Mistake – 6

Is it right to say, “My father was coolie worker.”?

Just say
My father was a coolie (Don’t need to add worker)

For ex.
My father was a painter (Don’t need to add worker)
My father was a cobbler (Don’t need to add worker)

In the same way
The whole world love Indians people (wrong)
Don’t need to add “people”
The whole world love Indians
We love Australians (Don’t need to add “people”)

Mistake – 7

“I am coming in 10 minutes” instead of “I am coming back in 10 minutes”?

You should say “I am returning in 10 minutes”

Don’t say “coming back”

We use “Returning” for the place where we come back to the original place

Mistake – 8

“On accident” or “By accident”?

You don’t have to use either “on” or “by”

When required, we will use “at”

For ex.
I am at the accident site

We won’t use any preposition in the below sentences

They have met with an accident
I have reached the accident site


Mistake – 9

How to use NEVER in a sentence. Does it make the meaning negative?


I am creating the following sentences with NEVER


Ex. 1

Never make nouns plural with EVERY

Ex. 2

Never Add “WHO’” with non-living things

Ex. 3

Make your journey of sharpening your skills a lot easy like Never before

Ex. 4

I am going to further furnish more knowledgeable posts, which will make your journey of writing as well as speaking English easy like never before.


It will never rain during this time of the year

Ex. 6

NEVER USE DO/DOES/DID in reported speech

Ex. 7

Never use helping verbs “twice” in a single sentence-



Mistake – 10

Which is right to say, “I will come and meet you there” or “I will go and meet you there”?


Simply say

I will meet you there

Because, “Come and Go” isn’t required here.

But, if you still need to add, then say

I will come and meet you there



Mistake 11

Which is correct?

“The rose is a sweet flower”


“A rose is a sweet flower”


Since, this sentence is about emphasis
Add “The”
The rose is a sweet flower


For ex.

I am eating an ice-cream

I am eating THE ice-cream which you gave me (Importance of using THE for emphasis)

Another Ex.

I have a black dog

I have THE BLACK DO which I purchased from Delhi (Importance of using THE for emphasis)


Mistake. 12

Which is correct: “The meeting has been postponed”, or “The meeting have been postponed”?


The meeting has been postponed

Meeting is considered to be Singular

For Ex.

The team has gone to play (Singular, so only HAS WILL BE USED)

Another Ex.

The plane is landing (Singular, so only is will be used )


Mistake 13.

What is wrong in the sentence

He fetched a pen from the shop

He purchased a PEN
He bought a pen




Mistake 14.

I bought a pen from the market


I brought a pen from the market


I bought a pen from the market  (Actually purchasing with money)

Where to use “brought”

I brought a pen from home to school  (simple bringing from one place to another)


Mistake 15

Died of Cholera or Died from cholera
Died of Cholera

When there is a death of A KNOWN CAUSE, then OF is used
For ex.
He has Died of chicken pox
He has Died of Hunger
He has Died of Bird Flu
He has Died of cancer

Mistake 16

The jury was divided in their opinion


The jury were divided in their opinion

When members of **a **jury are acting as a sole entity, you would use the singular verb “was”

The jury was divided in their opinion (correct)

(Was) and (Opinion)
opinions – Wrong

We will use singular form of verb for
The team is playing well
The batch is very talkative


Mistake 17


“A few months” is singular or plural?


It is plural

A few months have passed, since it rained

A few months remain for the exams to appear

Mistake 18

Which one is correct?
‘I have a question for/to you’
I have a question for you.
I am telling you other sentences where “For” is used


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