Secret about Salman Khan’s fitness is now open : He eats these !!!!!

Indian Actor Salman Khan is known to have the most fit body.
He doesn’t take any chance when it comes to maintaining his health, as he takes it very seriously. So much so, that due to work pressure, if he is unable to work-out for few days, then he starts exercises, even at the dead of the night, like 2:am, or whenever he gets time.
Now, let’s get to know the secrets of Salman Khan’s fitness
As per the reports, Salman used to be very fond of spicy and Italian food. His favorite used to be Paav-Bhaaji, Pizza and Ice-cream. But, since the time, Manish Advilkar has become his gym trainer, then he has stopped having them.

Now, Salman eats those things which are rich in proteins such as fish, egg white, meat and milk.
According to Salman Khan, the “work-out” is equally important as the food which we take. Therefore, he doesn’t only take due care of exercises, but also is very serious and specific about the diet he takes.
Now, let us know, the kind of eatables he take right from morning till night.
In breakfast

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Salman only takes egg white of four eggs and low fat milk.
Before, workout he taken egg white of two eggs and protein shake
After workout, he takes Badaam, oats, three egg whites and protein shake

In Lunch
Salman takes fried fish and mutton along with lots of salads and fruits.

During break
He takes snacks, protein bar and nuts etc

In dinner
During dinner, he takes vegetables, soup, fish or chicken
Salman has informed the reporter that he is very careful about the portions such as Bi-ceps, Tri-ceps, Abs and back portion. He can do sit-ups and pussh-ups several times at one time.

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