Replying to HR, confirming about the joining date as mentioned in their letter

Accepting an Offer Letter 

You are hired by the concerned organization and now you have also accepted the joining date


So, your letter should show your gratitude to the specific organization for accepting you as their employer. Start, by “Thanking Your Employer”. Also write down, that you are looking forward to work with them professionally.



You aren’t just confirming the date of joining, but you have also confirmed about your designation, salary as well.


It is also important that your words in the ending of the letter should be specific which reflect on the excitement and enthusiasm.
The letter should either be directed to the Hiring Manager or the HR of the org.
It is also advisable to have a draft of the letter, incase you need it in future.


Now, let’s get back to writing the Sample Letter for you:-

The HR
X Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
S.V Road, Malad W.
Mumbai- 400016

Subject – (Acceptable of Job offer at X Tech)

As per the detailed communication which I have over the course of events, I am pleased to confirm the joining date of 12th May, 2018 as suggested by you.

I would also like to take this opportunity, to thank you for the offer of working as a Content Developer. I am enthusiastically looking forward to prove as an asset to the company by working under the able guidance of seniors and working as a close knit family with everyone

As per the discussions, I will get ************ (insert amount) per annum. Additionally, other perks which are included in the remuneration are life insurance, health insurance and travel allowance (if it is applicable)

I will be joining the esteemed organization on __________(enter date here). I hope, all the other formalities have been completed. If there is any other, do let me know.

Thank you very much,

Your faithfully,

Arpita Sharma


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