How do I write a request letter to the school principal for a reunion?

In the following letter, I am requesting the Principal for a reunion

Points to mention in the letter:-

  • Introduce yourself
  • Mention the date of the reunion (if possible)
  • Mention the medium of how it will be spread to the people?
  • Is there any social media page etc?
  • Mention the aspect of expenses incurred? Like will everyone volunteer for the party?

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Here is the letter:-

The Principal,
Y Area,
Z city
Subject (Requesting for the reunion for re-living the golden moments)

This is Mr. Arpit Sharma an ex student of your esteemed school passed from 2012 batch.

Currently, working as a marketing officer in X organization, it has been more than 5 years, since I had passed from that school.

The memories are still fresh till date and I request for a union which can give golden moments for all the ex students to have a get together with teachers. It will give us proud moments of visiting our class teachers including the classes (and desks where we used to sit), play ground, canteen and of course other staff members who have been a part of life, for more than a decade.


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I am in touch with most of my class friends and everyone is waiting eagerly for such a reunion. Especially, as it has been a long time, and there is a need for one such event.
Even the aspect of expenses will be easily shared by us.
We want to relive the moments as students and take blessings from our teachers under whose tutelage, we have carved a niche for ourselves in our respective fields.

We can plan for a re union before the end of December month, as “Winter Holidays” start in the school, without affecting the regular course of studies. Also, as most of us will be in the city, due to holidays, during this time of the year.

I equally take this opportunity to thank the principal, teachers and staff members for molding the lives of students, including me.

Waiting for a positive response,

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Guardian’s Name
Daughter’s Name
Your Signature and Date

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Shocking Eng Grammar mistakes I was doing in 2018

Mistake – 1

The bird is sitting in the tree
The bird is sitting on the tree

bird while sitting in the tree, are always considered to be within the area and space,

Mistake – 2

The bird is sitting on the branch
The bird is sitting in the branch

Here, it is clear, that the bird is sitting “ON” the branch, so we will use ON

Mistake – 3
Is it grammatically correct to say ”she is honesty”?



Honesty (Adjective)

Honest (Noun)

You have to use NOUN



She is honest

Mistake – 4
Is the sentence “I would like to inform you that I will be on leave on this Thursday” correct to use?

Yes, correct, but it is not formal


It brings to your kind notice, that this Thursday , I will be on leave

Mistake – 5

Which is correct: ‘we are the same age’ or ‘ we have the same age’?

We have the same age
Here use of “Have” doesn’t denote a perfect tense
For ex.
I have a pen (It is a simple present tense)
In the same way,
We have the same age
We have same colored hair
We have the same body type
We have the same pen
We have the same skinny legs

Mistake – 6

Is it right to say, “My father was coolie worker.”?

Just say
My father was a coolie (Don’t need to add worker)

For ex.
My father was a painter (Don’t need to add worker)
My father was a cobbler (Don’t need to add worker)

In the same way
The whole world love Indians people (wrong)
Don’t need to add “people”
The whole world love Indians
We love Australians (Don’t need to add “people”)

Mistake – 7

“I am coming in 10 minutes” instead of “I am coming back in 10 minutes”?

You should say “I am returning in 10 minutes”

Don’t say “coming back”

We use “Returning” for the place where we come back to the original place

Mistake – 8

“On accident” or “By accident”?

You don’t have to use either “on” or “by”

When required, we will use “at”

For ex.
I am at the accident site

We won’t use any preposition in the below sentences

They have met with an accident
I have reached the accident site


Mistake – 9

How to use NEVER in a sentence. Does it make the meaning negative?


I am creating the following sentences with NEVER


Ex. 1

Never make nouns plural with EVERY

Ex. 2

Never Add “WHO’” with non-living things

Ex. 3

Make your journey of sharpening your skills a lot easy like Never before

Ex. 4

I am going to further furnish more knowledgeable posts, which will make your journey of writing as well as speaking English easy like never before.


It will never rain during this time of the year

Ex. 6

NEVER USE DO/DOES/DID in reported speech

Ex. 7

Never use helping verbs “twice” in a single sentence-



Mistake – 10

Which is right to say, “I will come and meet you there” or “I will go and meet you there”?


Simply say

I will meet you there

Because, “Come and Go” isn’t required here.

But, if you still need to add, then say

I will come and meet you there



Mistake 11

Which is correct?

“The rose is a sweet flower”


“A rose is a sweet flower”


Since, this sentence is about emphasis
Add “The”
The rose is a sweet flower


For ex.

I am eating an ice-cream

I am eating THE ice-cream which you gave me (Importance of using THE for emphasis)

Another Ex.

I have a black dog

I have THE BLACK DO which I purchased from Delhi (Importance of using THE for emphasis)


Mistake. 12

Which is correct: “The meeting has been postponed”, or “The meeting have been postponed”?


The meeting has been postponed

Meeting is considered to be Singular

For Ex.

The team has gone to play (Singular, so only HAS WILL BE USED)

Another Ex.

The plane is landing (Singular, so only is will be used )


Mistake 13.

What is wrong in the sentence

He fetched a pen from the shop

He purchased a PEN
He bought a pen




Mistake 14.

I bought a pen from the market


I brought a pen from the market


I bought a pen from the market  (Actually purchasing with money)

Where to use “brought”

I brought a pen from home to school  (simple bringing from one place to another)


Mistake 15

Died of Cholera or Died from cholera
Died of Cholera

When there is a death of A KNOWN CAUSE, then OF is used
For ex.
He has Died of chicken pox
He has Died of Hunger
He has Died of Bird Flu
He has Died of cancer

Mistake 16

The jury was divided in their opinion


The jury were divided in their opinion

When members of **a **jury are acting as a sole entity, you would use the singular verb “was”

The jury was divided in their opinion (correct)

(Was) and (Opinion)
opinions – Wrong

We will use singular form of verb for
The team is playing well
The batch is very talkative


Mistake 17


“A few months” is singular or plural?


It is plural

A few months have passed, since it rained

A few months remain for the exams to appear

Mistake 18

Which one is correct?
‘I have a question for/to you’
I have a question for you.
I am telling you other sentences where “For” is used


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Secret about Salman Khan’s fitness is now open : He eats these !!!!!

Indian Actor Salman Khan is known to have the most fit body.
He doesn’t take any chance when it comes to maintaining his health, as he takes it very seriously. So much so, that due to work pressure, if he is unable to work-out for few days, then he starts exercises, even at the dead of the night, like 2:am, or whenever he gets time.
Now, let’s get to know the secrets of Salman Khan’s fitness
As per the reports, Salman used to be very fond of spicy and Italian food. His favorite used to be Paav-Bhaaji, Pizza and Ice-cream. But, since the time, Manish Advilkar has become his gym trainer, then he has stopped having them.

Now, Salman eats those things which are rich in proteins such as fish, egg white, meat and milk.
According to Salman Khan, the “work-out” is equally important as the food which we take. Therefore, he doesn’t only take due care of exercises, but also is very serious and specific about the diet he takes.
Now, let us know, the kind of eatables he take right from morning till night.
In breakfast

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Salman only takes egg white of four eggs and low fat milk.
Before, workout he taken egg white of two eggs and protein shake
After workout, he takes Badaam, oats, three egg whites and protein shake

In Lunch
Salman takes fried fish and mutton along with lots of salads and fruits.

During break
He takes snacks, protein bar and nuts etc

In dinner
During dinner, he takes vegetables, soup, fish or chicken
Salman has informed the reporter that he is very careful about the portions such as Bi-ceps, Tri-ceps, Abs and back portion. He can do sit-ups and pussh-ups several times at one time.

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Replying to HR, confirming about the joining date as mentioned in their letter

Accepting an Offer Letter 

You are hired by the concerned organization and now you have also accepted the joining date


So, your letter should show your gratitude to the specific organization for accepting you as their employer. Start, by “Thanking Your Employer”. Also write down, that you are looking forward to work with them professionally.



You aren’t just confirming the date of joining, but you have also confirmed about your designation, salary as well.


It is also important that your words in the ending of the letter should be specific which reflect on the excitement and enthusiasm.
The letter should either be directed to the Hiring Manager or the HR of the org.
It is also advisable to have a draft of the letter, incase you need it in future.


Now, let’s get back to writing the Sample Letter for you:-

The HR
X Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
S.V Road, Malad W.
Mumbai- 400016

Subject – (Acceptable of Job offer at X Tech)

As per the detailed communication which I have over the course of events, I am pleased to confirm the joining date of 12th May, 2018 as suggested by you.

I would also like to take this opportunity, to thank you for the offer of working as a Content Developer. I am enthusiastically looking forward to prove as an asset to the company by working under the able guidance of seniors and working as a close knit family with everyone

As per the discussions, I will get ************ (insert amount) per annum. Additionally, other perks which are included in the remuneration are life insurance, health insurance and travel allowance (if it is applicable)

I will be joining the esteemed organization on __________(enter date here). I hope, all the other formalities have been completed. If there is any other, do let me know.

Thank you very much,

Your faithfully,

Arpita Sharma


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How to write a Gentle Reminder letter – Must Read

This is the letter, which I am writing to my boss, as a source of reminder
There are certain gentle and polite ways to start your “reminder letter” such as the following:-

  • I understand that you may be occupied in the assignments, but I want to remind you ——————
  • As and when you get a chance——
  • I wish to let you know

In Letter of Reminder, you need to make sure to provide complete list of information, with regards every little thing, such as time, date, place, purpose and deadline etc. This is done, so as to avoid the reader to check and cross from other sources. In short, your letter should itself, carry the whole details.

As it is a reminder letter, so mention in the subject line “REMINDER”. If you think, that a confirmation is needed, then politely ask for the same as well. 🙂

You need to mention the following things:-

1. Mention the word “Reminder” in the subject line
2. If there is any event happening, then mention the date
3. If there is anything else, then politely tell him/her that it is your second or third time to reach out to you
4. Reason for reminding him, but be polite


Now, I am creating a letter for you:-
The Manager,
Y Area,
Z city
Subject (Polite reminder to the event happening on Q date )

This is Arpit Sharma, Sr.Consultant requests for your time to the upcoming meeting which is going to be held next month on 29th June, 2018.
As a reminder mail, I need your attention to give confirmation to the schedule which I have chalked for the meeting.
I am attaching a schedule and as the date (29th June, 2018 of the schedule annual meeting ) is approaching, I would request your response at the earliest, so that I may do preparations accordingly.
Kindly refer the schedule as well.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Arpit Sharma
Sr. Consultant



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Sample Letter for resignation due to marriage

As you want me to showcase a SAMPLE LETTER for resignation due to marriage, so here is the format:-

X Company
Y address
Z city,

Subject – (Notifying to submit resignation due to marriage)
This is Arpita Sharma and I am notifying about my resignation from the post of “content developer” where I was working with utmost dignity and professionalism since 2016.

My marriage is next month, and I will be shifting to a new city. Due to which I am notifying in advance as I have to leave the job.
It has been pretty great and awesome time which I spend in the “X Technology” family.
I will surely be taking the profound memories with me.
Thanking You,

Your Faithfully,
Arpita Sharma

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How do I write a letter to the principal for being absent in dance program for medical check up?

This is the following letter, which I am writing about my inability to attend dance classes yesterday, as I went for medical check-up

Points to mention in the letter:-

  • Mention the date on which you went for medical check up
  • Mention about your illness
  • Also mention whether you are fit and fine today (as you have come to school )

Now, I am creating a letter for you:-

The Principal,

Y Area,

Z city

Subject (Informing the teacher of not able to attend dance classes yesterday, due to my medical check-up)


This is Arpita Sharma of class 12th- A  informs you about my inability to attend dance classes as I went for medical check-up yesterday i.e on 24th April, 2018

I had a headache followed by fever and thankfully, in the medical check-up, the doctor didn’t regard it to be serious, but advised to take complete rest for the day.

Now, I am completely fine. I just have to take medications as a precautionary measure (as suggested by the doctor)

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

X Name

Your Signature and Date

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Do you want me to tell you the correct way of writing a “school – leave – letter” ?

Well, if, then check the below web address, you will get step-by-step in an easy manner:-
However, before that, it is HIGHLY IMP, to mention these things in your leave letter

Only you know best
So, why have you taken leave?
Was it because of family function?
Was it because of illness?

Points to mention in the letter:-

  • Mention the date on which you were ill
  • Mention about your illness
  • Also mention whether you are fit and fine today (as you have come to school )

Following are different leave letters, which you can check.
Hope, it helps you to write a perfect leave letter

Leave letter from Parent for their child to take care at home

Email for going to vacation

Letter for being absent due to catching cold

Absence from school, due to suffering from chicken-pox

Letter to request time for submitting the birth certificate

Top safety tips for kids/adults while using Social Media in 2018-19

The immense and everlasting craze of social media is not hidden from any one as it has taken an important part right from the start of the day till the time we go for sleep.

Highlights of how we use Social Media in our daily lives:-

  • No sooner did you even get up full fully from your morning bed, than you start checking your social media sites such as Facebook. Isn’t it?
  • It will be difficult to keep a track of the number of comments or share which you do on sites in the over all span from the morning till late at night while you go for sleep.
  • You can’t keep yourself away from visiting Facebook on your way to office.
  • While waiting for your turn at the doctor’s clinic, how can you keep yourself away from indulging in Facebook?

Having said that, every single time you check on your Facebook, you get to see various new updates from your friends which reads like as follows:-

  • Having tea in the rain and feeling awesome
  • Usual late Sunday night messages where people feel irritated to prepare themselves for another next working week, starting after only after few hours.
  • Usual “good morning” and “good night” messages

The idea behind people resorting to such activities is to engage with friends in order to be in the limelight. However, the million dollar question arises as to how much is too much?

Since, it is always safe to limit yourself so that you do not divulge your personal information to the outside world.

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There has been increasing cases of identity fraud world since people overlook the most important aspect of security by divulging even their private information. The following article arms you with the coveted information so that you can save yourself from the identity thieves by not sharing the posts on social media which can prove to be a death knell for yourself.

Steps to be at a safer side

    • Make sure that you know your friends. If you are working online, be sure that the friends which you are adding or getting requests should have their own personal snaps. One can certainly make sure by checking their snaps. Original profiles do not shy away from posting their own pictures as they equally have increasing mutual friends as well. In the event when you are in doubt, better be safe as well.
    • It is a big No-No to share personal information which can prove to be hazardous as you post on social media such as

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  1. Home Address
  2. Your Full Name along with the Names of your family members,
  3. Your salary, (since few carried away with the emotions especially at the time of getting increment etc.


  • Never click on the website which is being sent through a private message. To be at a safer side, get Anti-virus installed which can even prevent you from opening the same as well.
  • You can celebrate your child’s birthday and announce the feelings which as a proud father have. But, there is absolutely no need for you to tell the world that the school where you child attends.
  • Periodically check the settings of your accounts and change the password as well.
  • It is an important aspect to turn on the private settings as it is an important thing. However, the irony is many Facebook users even do not know the method to do the same.
  • If you have been using the same password for various accounts, change them for different accounts for added security.


Social Media is about enhancing your social interactions. Therefore, involve it in your day-to-day lives. Therefore, by reading the aforesaid article, you know the method to keep yourself away from any sort of eventuality. Therefore, the feeling of being safe and secure is just awesome and it cannot be described in mere words as well. Hence, in order to be safe from the prying eyes of the hackers, you have to gear up before it is too late for you.

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Awesome ways to boost your TOUR BUSINESS through social media

It is already 2019. The biggest and the most obvious and used platform turns out to be social media which we are going to use the same for wishing people. Yes, social media is associated with series of different perks which has already created different source of interest in people.

Are you still now fully making the use of social media sites for your tour business?

  • Is it taking a toll?
  • Do you really want a sure cute, cool and energetic and creative mechanism?
  • Have you tried all the methods but in vain?
  • Does it really bother you now that you have wasted lots of money only to feel that you are cheateed now?

If yes, then don’t worrry.

After all, Social media has proved to be one of the effective ways which work wonders towards promoting your business. Increasing numbers of people have equally made it as their virtual hangouts. Hence, if you want to get the best possible assistance, you need to make full use of social media in a highly sophisticated way. Following article will assist you towards doing that:-

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How to derive best possible assistance by using social media to its optimum?

The use of social networks would not have been enormous, if they were to deliver the same functions. For example, Facebook is considered to be consumer oriented, which is in line of Pinterest. On the other hand, LinkedIn concentrates itself more towards commercial point.

Places where users spend a big chunk of their time online

Every social media channel has its own set of policies and it necessitates you to familiarize yourself in order to get away from being banned. Hence, it important for you to have complete understanding about the standard practice along with the tools which you are going to use for integrating your content in a proper way.

What is the proper way to achieve your end goal?

A business is able to popularize itself only if it showcases its position to the world in a clear, concise and effective way. Hence, it is imperative for the business organizations to be genuine and authentic as it helps towards attracting increasing numbers of people.

Social networks cater to the needs of users as they highly value engaging, informative as well as visually-stimulating content. Status updates prove to give the best ever reflection about your brand amongst your burgeoning fans, thereby boosting your business even further. Social media platform gives the luxury to be more visual oriented which work wonders towards captivating even greater number of audience like never before.

Following are the examples which help you towards adopting the right and appropriate ways of making the best use of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  1. Facebook: Scuba Diving Services

“SubAquatics” imparts scuba diving services.

  • In order to enhance their credibility, they have rightly given due importance to their experience by making a comment such as “40 years of scuba experience”
  • Apart from there sophisticated as well as enriching visual content, they have equally armed users with photo albums and detailed videos of diving through shipwrecks.
  • They have also kept in mind sharing the visuals of their product without giving any sense of actually promoting them.
  • They smartly phrase it thereby, enhancing the curiosity and attracting increasing numbers, thus helping their business reach further horizons


2. Twitter: Yoga Studio


  • There is a yoga studio in Sydney which has derived a unique way of updating status.
  • Users will be mesmerized to the core even by just having a glance over their Twitter stream as it helps towards reflecting about their brand. The best thing is that, it cannot in any way be termed to be “overly self-promotional” as well. Hence, read the article for more:-

After all, they just integrate three different kinds of tweets which are as follows:-

  • Shareable tweets

Motivational quotes as well as industry news stand out to attract increasing audience as they love to re-tweet owing to the enormous interest it generates by one and all.

    • Brand-defining tweets

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Yoga acts as the best form of exercise which also necessitates every one to be eco-conscious. Hence, as you follow such a coveted value, it becomes easy for the target audience to identify and get attracted towards following a healthy life.

  • Engaging tweets
  • The yoga studio takes out time towards replying each and every single query posted by their ever increasing customers. The triviality of the question does not matter for them since they care about every customer, the moment they sign up and enter in their family. Hence, customers get a positive idea and every single one of them feels special as well.
  • Compared to Facebook and Pinterest, Twitter does not rely much on visuals as it concentrates more towards updating on timely basis. However, of late, they have come up with an innovative idea which has integrated image-posting for accounts.
  • The images work wonders for their esteemed ever increasing family as it helps them towards getting a peak of what goes in their studio


  1. Pinterest

  • Pinterest owing to its enhanced visual appeal indeed gives various reasons for the tour and activity operators to get attracted towards the same.
  • The need of the hour is to involve educational, innovative and eye catching elements. Extreme focus should be laid towards promoting the lifestyle of the audience rather than popularizing the products. Hence, you are surely going to experience the real difference.


Finally, it can be said that social media gives you the biggest reason of having never ending smiles. After all, you know that by using social media to its optimum, your business reaches further horizons of success much to your happiness. Isn’t it?

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