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Name :- Rd Roody

An Active member of the English Teacher group has sent the following image.

Rd Roody says that the Flag of Nepal is the only flag in the world, which is not quadrilateral in shape. 

English Teacher thanks him for being an active member of the group, where he regularly takes part in the different English Grammar related activities.

As an ever increasing English Teacher’s family, his contribution to the group is certainly noteworthy.

He is originally from Nepal, but living in Dubai

We from English Teacher’s family, wish you all the best and success in your life.

May you continue to grow and prosper.

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How my English skills has given me “Name”-“Fame” & “Money”- Practical Tips

This post is for those who may be required to write frequent English related content either in school, college or office etc.

In the growing years of my life as a student my English was pathetic and hearing the word English used to give me shiver and anxiety. In the school, I often prayed that my English teacher be absent, so that I don’t have to study it on a particular day. My main reason of hating this subject was the length of time it used to take especially while learning long list of answers. I could not understand the meaning of those sentences so I had no option but to mug-up.


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What are the hard skills and soft skills I should develop in myself

Why does a fluent English speaker inspire us?

This exercise of mine used to take hours together just to learn few small answers. Also, there was no guarantee that I may be able to write them exactly like the way I have learnt because being an English subject I had to be very careful as even a small error such as issue of grammar etc deducted my marks.

Now, the biggest disadvantage in the process which I faced was firstly preparing for the specific subject which took a lot of time and in spite of working very hard, I could not even manage to get qualifying marks. This phase could have seriously affected me as well however by this time I have realized the root cause of my problem

Why inspite of knowing English, I am not getting confidence to speak?

Now I am going to tell you about the transformation in myself through the same subject which was once my weakness has become my strength

I finally listened to my parents who have been ordering me to study from an English tutor. Luckily, I could not expect any better help then my own cousin who really helped me polishing my English writing skills. I knew where I have to put my efforts and that was on “
writing”. I knew that the root cause of problem so I told my tutor about my exact concern and issue and he advised me to write “one” letter and essay each on daily basis.

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Yes, he also enquired about my knowledge of tenses which I hardly knew, so he explained me in detail and this is how my journey of polishing my skills started. There was no looking back.

You won’t believe that initially I was writing 5-6 pages of content on daily basis just to show him and he rectified my mistakes and this is how it started building my confidence as I removed my mistakes.

I followed this practice religiously for 2 months especially during summer vacations. After that as I further built up on my confidence, I also started watching English news. Now you will be surprised to know that the moment, I used to switch on my television it has to be English news. Even 10 years back, electronic media was there in full force. So I started watching different media channels. While watching, I had my pen and paper handy and on finding any new word which I did not know the meaning of, I used to write on paper and then after consulting from dictionary, I used to memorize it and also make 5 sentences out of it and show to my cousin who has been a great teacher to me.

Likewise, I was watching English news and reading English newspaper which really helped me a lot simultaneously.

So those of you who may require to write lots of English related content I have following advise to give based on my experiences over the years

Make a habit of writing anything which you know about. It can be any topic or any favorite program or about any incident.

In the end what matters is how well you can write and explain yourself. Your job as a writer can only be accomplished when you keep on writing as you will know your mistakes and you will start building on them.

Yes when you do, refer someone who actually can help you out in solving your queries

Finally, the main reason for writing this post is to give you an insight about how I polished my writing skills and how you can too.

How I polished my English writing skills and how you can too

How I polished my English writing skills and how you can too

List of important queries to prepare from before during interview


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3 reasons we face problem while speaking in English – Article composed by English professor


Can you write and understand English well but when it comes to speaking then you face problem?


If yes is your answer then you are not alone facing this problem. Let me help you understand with the following example

Why inspite of knowing English, I am not getting confidence to speak?

What are the hard skills and soft skills I should develop in myself


In spite of being an experienced driver yet, if we are supposed to drive on the highway for the first time then we do feel tensed and problematic. Isn’t it?

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Similarly, if we are going to perform on the stage for the first time ever, then also we are going to face tension. Isn’t it?


In the same way our “certain” and “specific” action which are done for the first time, naturally create a “level of anxiety”.


In the same way, when it comes to speaking in English for the first time we face the issue. The solution for this query lies in “practicing extensively”.


Why does a fluent English speaker inspire us?

List of important queries to prepare from before during interview


Almost 60% of people experience the same issue with verbal English. It is because of lack of communication skills. Yes, it implies that as we do certain things for the first time, then we face the issue. So, the real culprit may not just be about “poor English”, but lack of practice while communicating in English”


So, how can I practice extensively?


Yes I would want you to take the help of your friends, relatives, colleagues and partner for talking to them whenever it is possible for you.


So, if you face the issue of grammar, then don’t worry. Practice, practice and keep on practicing because as you know practice makes a man perfect

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One important aspect which I want to draw your attention is that others hardly notice your grammar mistakes as much as you possibly think they do.


Even if you continue to speak wrong English, you may not realize that it continue to act as a stepping stone


In order to encourage and motivate you further, here is another example


Like in an exam even if you are not knowing the particular question, then also you should try writing because it is better to make efforts of answering the specific query, than leaving the space “blank”. Yes this should be enough of a motivation to you for moving out of your comfort zone and being smart and sensible by making right decision at the right time.

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Want to ensure successful interview in 2019? Keep these important body tips in mind

Are you giving interview in few days or week or month from now on?

Are you afraid of questions which are going to be asked?

Is such a thought giving you sleepless nights?


If yes is the answer to all the queries above, then minutely read each and every single line of the post in order to create times of happiness, joy, fun, enthusiasm, camaraderie and the long list of adjectives which you may like to add one after another

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The interviewer primarily looks for the following things in a candidate



How well you answer your query by keeping in mind the intelligent level. Your presence of mind helps in replying to queries



The kind of personality you adopt for coming to the interview in terms of your dressing sense and also how well you carry yourself.

For example, your shoes should be polished and your nails should be cut.

Your hair has to be at its professional best and you shouldn’t look as if you have got artistic hair, quite like that of a vagabond.

Similarly, the position of your hand matters while answering queries, where you unnecessarily position them high up in the air during responding to queries, also matter greatly. Similarly, the kind of look you attain is closely looked and adhered

The face shows it all, in terms of how you react in the event of a lighter moment. For example, do you reciprocate well to your interviewer who may be expecting you to smile for he wants you to feel the pulse of the joke he has shared with you. Usually, interviewer does the same knowingly, in order to see the kind of “free mind” which a person like you attains during the middle of the discussion. It is this practice, which makes you a flexible as a person and how closely you would love to bond in the available circumstances and scenarios

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Now comes the level of confidence which you attain while answering the queries. Do you stammer a lot at the sight of hearing a query?

Do you speak slowly soon after entering the hall?

Do you sweat soon after?

Does the tiny droplets of sweats (on your forehead) make matters worse for you signifying how tensed are you?
Do you unknowingly chew your nails in anxiety?

Well, the aforesaid traits are the reflection of how lack of confidence you actually possess. Hence, remove them for your speedy success in the interview and remove them with the immediate aspect.

Fluency in English

The world of corporate, respects people who have fluent English. Yes, somewhere down the line, it does become the basis for a bright future which can’t be overlooked. So, greater is the level of your English, bigger is the chance, it offers for you to succeed.

Final thoughts

Finally, you can better attain the kind of “coolness” and “awesomeness” which you are going to get  at the end of the interview. In all probability, you are going to get success in style, quite like the way you die-hardly been expecting and expecting without any delay.

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