Writing a FAREWELL speech for your BEST FRIEND

Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening Everyone,

This is a special moment for all us and personally, it means to me even more as this Farewell party is for the person who hasn’t been just my best colleague , but my best friend as well.
Yes, he is going to join another organization.

As I speak, I get emotional and recount the happy and sad moments, we had together.
How, we stood for each and other in our difficult times, and how we spent the weekends together amidst lots of
naughtiness and fun.
I still remember his care about me , when I was ill. He literally spent the whole night for me, taking care, as I was feeling restless

We used to hang out together to have dinner and in those days, when we were too tired to go out, we used to randomly decide to cook chicken and other dishes and invite other friends.
The hype and hoopla over “who will cook” and “who will wash utensils” are still fresh in our minds, and this is what has made our friendship stronger.

Yes, such memories are going to be in my mind forever. The feeling that he is going, is still sinking in my mind, and I wish that it couldn’t be true.

Well, here’s me wishing All the best and ALL the success in your life.

May you prosper and grow with every phase in life.
Yes, don’t forget to invite me in your wedding.
I will come even crossing thousands of kilometers too.

Best of Luck

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