Letter from Parent to Teacher for not able to attend Parent Teacher’s meeting

This is the following letter, which I am writing about my yesterday’s absence from Parent’s Teacher meeting due to illness

Points to mention in the letter:-

Mention the date on which you were ill
Mention about your illness
Also mention whether you are fit and fine
Also, ask if there is any need for you to visit (as you couldn’t manage in the past)

The Principal,

Y Area,

Z city

Subject (Informing the teacher about absence from the meeting due to my illness)


This is Mr. Arpit Sharma , guardian of Arpita Sharma of class 12th- A  informs you about my sudden illness yesterday i.e on 24th April, 2018 , due to which I couldn’t attend Parent’s Teacher’s meeting

I had a headache followed by fever and thankfully, the doctor didn’t regard it to be serious, but advised to take complete rest for the day.

Now, I am completely fine. I also know the immense importance of interacting with the Teachers, in order to get reports of students. I am ready to come, based on the need.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

X Name

Your Signature and Date

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