Request Letter to the principal for admitting the child in Class 9th

In the following letter, I am requesting the Principal to kindly admit my child in 9th Class

Points to mention in the letter:-

    1. Mention the name of the student
    2. Mention the performance in Class 8th
    3. Mention whether you have T.C of previous class 

Mention the reason of shifting school :-

You have recently shifted to new location due to transfer
You weren’t satisfied with the study method of your previous school
Your child’s performance wasn’t upto the mark in the previous school
Here is the letter:-

The Principal,
Y Area,
Z city
Subject (Requesting the teacher about admitting the child in Class 9th)

This is Mr. Arpit Sharma , guardian of Arpita requests you to admit my child in Class 9 th, in your esteemed school. We have recently shifted to the X areas where this school is probably the best academic school which will pave the way for a bright future of my child.

She has always been a bright student who has bagged 91% marks in class 8th in X school. If given a chance, she will surely make the school proud as besides academics, she is equally good in extra-curricular activities.
We also have the Transfer Certificate of her previous school.
Looking forward for a favorable response,
Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Guardian’s Name
Daughter’s Name
Your Signature and Date


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