Mistakes in the “Introduction” of my reader – Check it out

My self “x”
I am Vizag
I studied b.tech in Giet college of engineering from rajhmundry
My strength is my friends
My weekness is more thinking in any situation

Mistake -1

Wrong- My self “x”
There are two mistakes
Always start with “I” when mentioning your name

I am “X”

Always write full name

Mistake – 2

Wrong – I am Vizag
I am from Vizag

When you mention a place, always use “from” before it

For ex.
I am from Hyderabad
I am from India

Mistake – 3
Wrong – My weekness is more thinking in any situation

Check spelling of weekness
It is “weakness”

You should say
My weakness is that, I think a lot

But, it is not complete answer:-
So, if you want me to tell you complete answer,
refer the below post here:-



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